Gratitude: Donors & Friends

 2018–19 Donors to the Obermann Center

Thank you to the following faculty, staff, emeritus faculty, and community friends who have recognized the value of the Obermann Center’s work and our unique role at the University of Iowa. Your gifts make our work not only possible but more creative and further-reaching.

  • Robert Brennan
  • Kenneth and Amy Brown
  • Jonathan Carlson
  • Carolyn Colvin
  • Corey Creekmur and Teresa Mangum
  • David Cunning and Naomi Greyser
  • Anny Curtius
  • Kathleen Diffley and Jude Heaney
  • Virginia Dominguez and Jane Desmond
  • Leslie and Tim Finer
  • Ed and Patricia Folsom
  • Bernd Gasch
  • Carolyn and John Hartley
  • Elizabeth Heineman
  • Lyell Henry and Gretchen Holt
  • Charles and Rebecca Hickman
  • Juan Hourcade and Silvia Quezada
  • Lindsay Jarratt and J.C. Luxton
  • Cornelia and Michael Lang
  • Johna Leddy
  • Jeffrey and Tracy Liebermann
  • David and Sheryl Lohman
  • James and Patricia Longstaff
  • Peter Manning and Susan Scheckel
  • Edith Parker and David Cohen
  • David Redlawsk and Aletia Morgan
  • Ann and David Ricketts
  • Raymond and Patricia Riezman
  • Trina Roberts
  • John and Trudy Rosazza
  • Hutha Sayre
  • Frank Salomon
  • Kurt Anstricher and Jane Van Voorhis
  • Leslie Schwalm and Dors Stomoen
  • Catherine Stewart and David Strass
  • Cameron Thies

The ongoing programs and vision of the Center is made possible from many friends and supporters, including:

The 2018-19 Obermann Advisory Board for thoughtful advice

  • Ali Hasan (Philosophy, CLAS)
  • Paul Gilbert (College of Public Health)
  • Paul Gowder (College of Law)
  • Naomi Greyser (GWSS, English, and American Studies, CLAS)
  • Kristy Nabhan-Warren (Religious Studies, CLAS)
  • Tyler Priest (History, CLAS)
  • Joyce Tsai (Stanley Museum of Art and School of Art & Art History, CLAS)
  • Ann Ricketts (Office of Vice President for Research)
  • Darrel Wanzer-Serrano (Communication Studies, CLAS)

Colleagues in the Office of the Vice President of Research, including interim Vice President John Keller; Assistant Vice President Ann Ricketts; the communications staff of Steve Pradarelli, Leslie Revaux, and Modei Akyea; and Senior Human Resources specialist Wendy Loney, for extending our expertise beyond our small internal staff.

UI Facilities Management, Building & Landscape Services, and Custodial Services—especially Rick Dunbar, Roberto Jimenez, Jim Heick, and Dave Miller—who keep our home safe, attractive, and comfortable.

Flo Velterean at UI Mail Services for keeping us in daily contact with the world.

Hunter Gott at ITS for keeping our computers alive and up-to-date.

Collaborators beyond the University who assist us with venues, especially staff members of the Iowa City Public Library and Merge Co-Working Space.